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Advance Planning refers to the process and many options available to those who wish to make funeral or cremation plans in advance. The process of planning ahead includes (1) making decisions regarding the type of services an individual prefers and (2) whether or not to put funds aside designated specifically to cover the costs of final services.

Planning Ahead: Why plan and pay ahead?

When you plan your memorial or funeral service in advance, or that of another family member, you have the opportunity to involve other family members and discuss your wishes with them. And, it allows you and your family the time to arrange for special and unique ways to acknowledge your life, or the life of a family member. Once the plans are made, this information can be put on permanent record for safe keeping at the funeral home.

Knowing everything is taken care of, will give both you, and your family, peace of mind.

If you would like to discuss planning a funeral or memorial service, or if you would like more information, we can sit down with you and discuss the choices either in person, over the phone or through our convenient Advance Planning application on our web page.

How to Plan and Pay Ahead

Funeral or memorial services may be planned in advance by setting up an appointment with your funeral director. You can meet at the facility, at your home, or at another location to accommodate others who may wish to join you.

Your plans can be very simple, with just a few basic ideas of what you would like for the service, it can be very detailed - specifying the music, the readings, or other special wishes. In either case, the funeral director will write down all the information you have given and keep it on file. If your wishes change, you can update your file as needed.

There are several ways to pay for a memorial or funeral service ahead of time.

One way is to assign an existing insurance policy as payment for the memorial or funeral service. If this is a good option for you, we can work with your insurance company to make the necessary changes to your policy.

Another method is to set aside money in a trust fund that will be used exclusively to pay for the memorial or funeral service.

Another option (also the most popular, because of the limitations set forth by the state and tax consequences of the previous two options) is to buy an insurance product specifically dedicated to pre-paying the funeral or memorial service.

If you would like more information, or help deciding which option of paying ahead for the funeral or memorial service would be best for you, we can sit down with you and discuss the choices. Contact us by Email, the Advance Planning application, or simply call.

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